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Knowledgeable bar staff are a vital part of a successful bar business. They are on the front-line, talking to your customers and creating lasting impressions of your bar. People love talking to friendly staff who can help them choose what beer to have, particularly when they’re unfamiliar with the range on offer. There’s a large amount of turnover in hospitality staff and this, coupled with the ever-increasing range of beers on offer, makes it really hard for bars to keep their staff up to date.

Having worked behind numerous bars, Martin knows what it’s like for bar staff. He can put together a training programme for your bar which could be as simple as dropping in once a month before opening to run through some beer styles, or as complex as lessons on brewing theory, glassware selection and sensory analysis. Educated staff get more enjoyment out of their work and can bring more money into your business.

Training: Service
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